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Google Assistant is undoubtedly one of the most useful features you can find in your Android. Thanks to the Google Assistant, you can quickly and easily ask what you really want. You don't know what the weather is like? or do you want to open the application by controlling your voice? All of this is possible these days, but you know, Google Assistant also has another hidden feature? If you are curious about which ones, be sure to read our article to the end. Learn 5 tricks offered by Google Assistant and amaze your friends!

Google Assistant

If you often use the Google Assistant function, it is certainly not new to you what voice commands to use to make everything work smoothly. If you would like to learn more about Google Assistant and learn interesting and new tricks, you've come to the right place! Thanks to them, you will make your life even easier, and in addition you will be able to show off your friends with a new discovery. Today we will introduce you to 5 useful tricks that will make using Google Assistant even more enjoyable.


1. Location reminders

One of the coolest and useful features Google Assistant can offer us are location-based reminders. This is an ideal feature for those who tend to forget. The Google Assistant sends us a reminder about an item or case that we need to do, even when we're away from home.
Suppose you need to be reminded to buy a specific food item when you shop at a store. You can set up your Google Assistant with location-based reminders to remind you just to buy this product when you arrive at a specific location.

At the very beginning, start by setting up specific locations in Google Maps so that you can refer to those locations in your reminders. You can also use generic locations like "Starbucks" or "McDonald", but it's easier if you set specific locations instead.

After setting the location, all you have to do is say

"Hey Google. Remind me to do XYZ when I am at XYZ location."

When you're in the location you choose, you'll get a reminder in the Google Assistant app on your phone.

2. Google Assistant as a translator

If you have such an opportunity, try to learn a new language, but as you know, it's not a quick process. Even so, there are plenty of scenarios where you need to translate a conversation from one language to another - and the Google Assistant is a good tool to use.

If you're traveling to another country or talking to someone who speaks a different language that you don't understand, you can use the Google Assistant as a real-time translator. The Google Assistant is configured to work with over 40 different languages and works better than most translation apps you can download on Google Play.

To start translator mode, simply say, Ok Google. Turn on translator mode.  You can also specify languages by saying, for example,

"Hey Google. Translate from Polish to English.”

Once the languages are set, your Google Assistant will translate the conversation and read it aloud. You will also see the real-time conversation transcription on your device's smart screen.

Google Assistant

3. Buy things using your voice

If you are using your phone or computer to place orders for purchases, you are doing it incorrectly. The Google Assistant lets you use voice commands to shop and works with over 50 retailers.

Suppose you are looking through your milk supply in your pantry and want to replenish it before the next shortage. If you've set up your Assistant to help you, say,

"Hey Google." Order the milk."

Google will use your preset preferences to complete your order. Quite useful - especially if you get lost on your shopping list a lot.
Before you decide to try this trick, however, you need to set up your personalization and payment methods in the Google Assistant. Once done, you can shop without restrictions. The only real caveat is that you can only order one item at a time at this time. So if you are planning a major shopping trip and need both milk and oil, you have to say them with separate voice commands.
You can also specify the stores in which you want to order products. For example, you can say,

 "Hey Google."Buy XYZ at XYZ Store."

Your Google Assistant will complete the order itself.

4. Send an audio message

You don't have to stop and type text to send someone a message. Instead, you can use the Google Assistant to get the job done.

Suppose your hands are busy at the moment, but you need to remind your friend not to forget to bring you a book on his way to you. Well, all you have to do is say,

"Hey Google. Send an audio message to XYZ."

When you are done speaking your message, it will be sent.

However, you should note that the Assistant will not ask you to confirm the message. It will simply be sent as a transcript of what you said and a note that it was sent using the Google Assistant. You can use this feature to send audio messages via WhatsApp or other messaging apps by specifying what you want to use to send them.

Google Assistant

5. Read aloud messages, texts and web pages

Are you trying to multitask, but want to be up to date with world news at the same time? Now you can ask your Google Assistant to read it aloud.
In fact, you can ask the Google Assistant to read a ton of different things aloud - not just messages. You can also ask the Google Assistant to read the content of web pages, the text of an article, or a message in your own text.

This feature can be especially useful if you have vision problems or are having trouble reading small text on the screen of your phone or tablet. You just need to open an article or any website on your phone. Then say,

"Hey Google. Please read this page."

Google will read the page or article aloud. Now your browser will begin to scroll the page automatically and highlight words that the assistant is reading. And if the speed is too high, you can change it or choose from many different voices.

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