The future of eCommerce in the Real estate sector

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With the introduction of full-fledged eCommerce to real estate, real estate businesses now have access to an unparalleled array of features. They facilitate real-time collaboration between buyers and sellers, drastically increase the chances for successful transactions, streamline marketing processes, optimize management resources, and deliver real-time proactive analytics insights in order to provide better customer experiences.

Although there are complex processes behind all of these benefits, third-party companies can be used to implement them. The real estate software development team at recognized early on the wave of digital supremacy and formulated their own vision for making real estate transactions more efficient, streamlined, and user-friendly. It is this combination of online convenience and real-life immediacy that has enabled real estate businesses to make full use of the digital revolution, leading them to greater success in today's business world.

What does eCommerce in the Real estate sector offer?

In more ways than one, eCommerce provides an added convenience even when it comes to the transactions of real estate projects. By making use of sophisticated tools like cloud computing, 3D visualization platforms, AI-aided research, and analytics, customers can now gain deeper insights into properties and make decisions within the comfort of their own homes. Add to that, easy and secure payment systems, multiple price points and payment options as well as optimized marketing campaigns, help in drawing customers’ attention to available properties in the market. As a result, eCommerce is definitely becoming essential for real estate businesses all over the world.

What’s Next for E-commerce?

As e-commerce continues to transform the retail landscape, Class A warehouse space is becoming increasingly scarce. Cushman & Wakefield is anticipating that 800-850 msf of space will be absorbed from 2022-2023, with e-commerce tenants accounting for 35-40% of this demand. With a new supply expected to deliver in 2023, occupiers will need to focus on new construction and development sites in order to secure the modern logistics space they require in key locations.

What features do Zillow and Trulia offer?

Apps like Zillow and Trulia are the most popular in the e-commerce niche in the real estate niche. This also includes the Opendoor app and some others. They have a lot to learn and the latest features they have implemented are what users will soon expect from all applications in this niche.

Hide Homes

Hide Homes is a great feature that saves users time while they search for the perfect home. This allows customers to rule out properties they have already seen so they don't keep showing up in their list of results and remove the need to have to look through the same list repeatedly. It's a convenience that comes with having the extra hand-holding of Zillow taking care of the process and making it easier than ever to find your dream home. With Hide Homes, you can rest assured that seeing a home once means it won't haunt your housing search forever!


ShowingTime is a modern solution for real estate professionals looking to make the showing process easier. Listing agents can easily approve scheduling requests over Zillow and buyers’ agents can book viewings in record time. This function simplifies this complex process with its automated system, reducing stress and worries about double bookings or long wait times for clients. Whether it's a cozy studio or a sprawling mansion, ShowingTime makes it simple to navigate the maze of showings and make transactions as smooth as possible.

Zillow Surfing 2.0

With the debut of Zillow Surfing 2.0, the home shopping experience has been revolutionized. The new interactive tours feature a stunning combination of media content and technologies, allowing prospective buyers to dive deeper into their dream homes before committing to an in-person visit. Customers are now able to view details like room dimensions and camera locations on the interactive floor plan for a more accurate illusion of being inside the property. To make it even easier for home shoppers, Zillow Vendors have made finding a house tour as simple as submitting an application on Zillow's website.

Search Filters

The time-consuming and fragmented search process when it comes to finding housing can be a serious challenge. That is why Trulia has taken action, introducing various search filters making the entire procedure easier and flaw-free. Now you can enjoy an organized list of apartments in your area that fit your criteria, instead of this tedious task that could take hours in the past. With these new search filters on the rise, Trulia is leading the real estate application industry forward.

What do you need to create an app like Zillow?

To build a website like Zillow, you will need to find programmers of a sufficiently high level and conduct qualified training. As for the IT staffing agency, it is worth considering JatApp, who have sufficient experience and a large pool of skills. More specifically, to create a high-end real estate project, you need to implement the following functions. Visit this site for more information.

Wide Database

Having an expansive database is a cornerstone of any successful real estate app or website. The larger the database, the more deals can be made and the better customers will be serviced with up-to-date listings tailored to their personal needs. Zillow boasts one of the biggest databases in the industry, with over 110 million US listings, providing real estate agents and brokers with plenty of useful leads. While your database primarily relies on MLS systems for listings, it’s also beneficial to give users an opportunity to make contributions of their own.


Simple and Informative Listing Pages

When creating listings for an online platform, it is important to remember that the use of both text and pictures will improve the user experience. Too often, long paragraphs of text can be overwhelmed by the visually related information used in graphics and photos; this makes it difficult for a user to grasp the most important details. To capitalize on a better visual experience, try combining graphs, photos, and maps to provide useful information such as mortgage breakdowns, home values, and typical commuting routes.

Flexible Search

Advanced search functionality on real estate sites gives users the opportunity to narrow down listings that best align with their needs. By implementing must-need filters like location, property type, price range, and square footage on their user interface, they would provide a much more fulfilling experience for page visitors looking for property. Incorporating analytics could also be useful as it would keep track of the most popular filters and search trends related to users' interests so one could easily discern what a user is typically looking for on the platform

Final Words

Creating an app like Zillow is no easy feat. It requires the right combination of technology and extensive real estate know-how to make it a successful venture. However, with the right team in place who understand the complexities of both programming and database management in addition to the ever-changing landscape of the real estate industry, this is quite an achievable goal.

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