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Brand new SONY checkbox is available now! From now on you will not have any problems with expanding your knowledge and getting more advanced information about your device. Take a look and easily check Firmware, Simlock and Country of your potential device! 

Do you hesitate to buy a SONY smartphone? Check the device out before buying!sony smartphone
We have prepared brand new options that will help you in carrying out the best selection and picking the right smartphone. We will not let you be fooled by a seller wanting to cheat you. Take a look at previously added and brand new checkers that we constructed and get all necessary information about the future smartphone. From now on you will not have any problems with expanding your knowledge and getting more advanced information about your device. From now on you do not have to dream about Firmware, Simlock or Country Checker. Let’s take a look at the possibilities that those super options will provide you with.

Firmware Checker

What actually Firmware is?

Firmware appeals to the applications and operating system that control how your smartphone, in this particular case SONY, operates. Not only phones have this Firmware included. This piece of software causes your hardware work and do what the manufacturer intended the device to do. The firmware makes most of all the electronic devices we use work. Without it, people will not be able to use them. Obviously, it applies to smartphones mostly.  Sony has a specific part of the software. The firmware has several elements, which are necessary for your phone to work.
To sum up, Firmware is a software placed in a piece of your device’s hardware. It helps you in controlling the SONY’s specific hardware. You should be aware which type of Firmware your potential, future phone has so you know what are its possibilities.

And.. here is the place where we appear! We have prepared a special checker that will provide you with detailed information about each device Firmware.

Simlock Checker

What Simlock really is?

As it is commonly known, phones can be locked to accept only SIM cards with certain IMSIs (International Mobile Subscriber Identities).
Mentioned Simlock is a blockade set by the manufacturer which request the particular operator, mostly causing no authorization SIM cards from other operators. The smartphone with Simlock included can install a SIM card from the one, particular operator. Moreover, the device can be locked and work with one SIM card or selected example of cards only. If you see “Not supported SIM Card” (or similar) notification on the screen, that means that it is locked with Simlock. Once it is set, you will not be able to enter some unfamiliar SIM there. Simlock is a technical restriction, which might be included in your device and it is extremely worth knowing if the device you are about to buy is locked.

If you wondering if your smartphone has Simlock built in, here we are for you! With our brand new checker you will be able to find the answer.

Country and Region Checker

Why do I need a Country checker?

Once you are buying a smartphone you should be aware of its manufacturers’ country. You might think that it is not important at all, yet indeed it is. It has a great impact on many factors and the way your device works. If the phone from a foreign country, the firmware may be completely different than in the same model presented in your region. From a legal perspective, licenses and warranties are extremely important, as they may apply, for example, only on one continent. Equally important is whether your phone is an imported one or manufactured in the country referred to in the announcement.
So that are the main reasons for checking the production Region and Country.

Whenever you have any doubts about the origin country/region of your Sony phone here we are to help! Just a few clicks separate you from this information!

How to use Check Firmware / Simlock / Country feature?

  1. At the very beginning, prepare the device’s IMEI number.
  2. Secondly, open your browser and go to our website
  3. Then, enter the product IMEI number into the empty bracket, located in the middle of the page. 
    Enter SONY Imei number
  4. As only it is typed, select CHECK and go through the CAPTCHA protection.
    imei number
  5. Here you can get all the basic information regarding your phone.
  6. In order to enable Check Firmware / Simlock / Country, pick the tab named the same.
    check Firmware, Simlock and Country
  7. Finally, click on Check Check Firmware & Simlock & Country bar and wait a short while until SONY details appear.
    Checker Confirmation
  8. Brilliant! You have just reached all the hidden info about the questioned SONY!
    Simlock, Country and Firmware information

What's more, that is not the end of surprises! In addition to these three great information, you can also locate here:

  • IMEI Number
  • Model Name
  • Code Name
  • Marketing Name
  • CDA
  • SI Number
  • Customization
  • Current SW Version
  • OS Version
  • OS Version Name
  • Latest SW Version
  • Last Seen Date
  • OS Version
  • OS Version Name

We all know that buying a phone is not the same as going to the store for some piece of cake, so you should get all the relevant information about the device you want to purchase. Often do people get fooled and buy a product that is completely unlike anything that is descriptive. Once you have the unique, 15 digits long IMEI number, you can find all the necessary details on our platform. Do not forget about all the other Free Checks like checking Warranty Status or Phone Number. You can also use some Paid Checks to get some truly advanced and detailed information about each device, exemplary Blacklist Pro Check. Take advantage of this extremely helpful feature and do not buy a pig in a poke!

UPDATE:  There is also Blacklist checker available for all brands including SONY. Check if your phone is Clean or Blacklisted (Lost / Stolen). Just enter your IMEI below and make an order:

This IMEI number is invalid!

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