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It cannot be missed! Do you know that you are just three clicks away from receiving a huge dose of information about the Itel phone? This  super helpful tool has been created especially for those most inquisitive and for people whose main specialty is not storing papers such as a warranty doc.
Check out Itel Warranty & Activation Checker, as it is more than certain that you will love this service!

The presented website is both readable and extremely useful. You do not have to be some GSM master to have access to all the secret information. From now on, it is not reserved for mobile points only. IMEI number and our portal are all you need to find out such advance details like Valid Activated Date, Repairs and Service Coverage, Chipset, Built-in memory etc.
If you find it difficult to locate your device’s IMEI number, watch our tutorial on How to check IMEI number and afterward you will be able to quickly and easily find it.
Before the whole instruction the last, but not least info - our platform is absolutely free, you will not pay even a cent to reach this knowledge!

How to use the Itel Check Warranty & Activation STATUS?

  1. Begin with opening the browser and go to the www.IMEI.Info.
  2. Secondly, enter your Spice’s IMEI number into the empty bracket, which is located in the middle of our page.
  3. When the unique number is typed, click on CHECK and go through the CAPTCHA protection.
  4. Now you can come along with all the basic details regarding your mobile.
  5. In order to enable the described feature, choose Check Warranty & Activation STATUS.
  6. Lastly, click on Check Warranty & Activation STATUS and within a few seconds the tab with your device's information will appear.
  7. Great! Just take a look and remind yourself what your device's Warranty Date is.

What information you can get by using the Itel Check Warranty & Activation STATUS

  • Product brand
  • Product model
  • Equipment IMEI
  • Valid Activated Date
  • Repairs and Service Coverage
  • Date of checking
    Itel Warranty & Activation Checker Details
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