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Is your phone Clean or Blacklisted? Is your device reported as lost or stolen? Those questions are one of the most crucial when you would like to buy a second-hand device. For now on you have great opportunity to check this hidden information by using your IMEI number. The whole process takes just a few seconds and what’s more important it is completely free!

 Blacklist CheckerCheck out the most important info about blacklist status and read about the blacklist checker. Here you can read frequently asked questions.

How to use phone blacklist checker?

  1. First of all, you need to enter the following website
  2. Afterwards, let’s input the IMEI number of your device into the empty bracket.
  3. Then click on Check and select Check phone details.
  4. Wait until your order will be ready.
  5. Excellent! Now you should see the report about your device.

What is the blacklist status?

The blacklist database contains the IMEI number reported as lost or stolen. The phone's IMEI may be placed in such a list when the device bought in a contract and the owner stopped to pay it.

Why you should check the phone blacklist status?

A lot of mobile operators share their databases so, if your device is blacklisted, it is very possible that you will not be able to use your phone with any local operator or even all operators. That’s why it is very important if the device has CLEAN or BLACKLIST status. You should check the phone blacklist status especially when you are buying a new device.

Here you can find out more about the blacklist: Phone Blacklist Checker

 Blacklist Report

What you may read from the phone blacklist report?

Our service provides the most import info which is the blacklist status.

  • CLEAN – this status gives you the info that your device has a clean history.
  • BLACKLIST – it means that this IMEI number was reported as missing or stolen.

If your device is blacklisted it’s a good idea to find out more details about. In such case, you should use our full blacklist checker. This service gives the answer who and when reported your device. Check out video tutorial about it.

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