What e-warranty is?

How to activate and check if e-warranty is valid?

Have you ever heard about e-warranty? Do you know how it works and what it actually is? Come along with the details included in the following article and learn more about online phone insurance. Say goodbye to tones of papers and always lost documents with warranty details.

Don't worry about the paperwork and dates to remember anymore. Don't waste time and patience looking for documents. Have everything on hand in one online document. Read the information below and learn all about the e-warranty service.

e-warranty details

What is an e-warranty?

Wondering what e-warranty is? As the name implies, e-warranty is all accomplished by allowing manufacturers to post product warranties online. No more printed copy for inclusion in product packaging. This is a new way of registration warranty for your mobile phone. No more paper documents and loads of unnecessary files. From now on, all you need to have to do is to turn on your phone and connect it to the network. Afterward, the warranty period will start and your smartphone will be insured. All dates can be checked later online. So everything you need to insure your phone and check its validity is in your hand because it's nothing but the phone itself.

How to activate e-warranty?

Actually, there is not much on your end to do. After inserting your SIM card and completing the initial setup, your device will automatically prompt you to register this e-warranty card. You should be asked for an IMEI number and phone number as well. Just remember that it’s taking place after first phone activation. You have to be aware, that another SIM card will change nothing. As only the e-warranty card is successfully registered, it is not possible to modify it, change or re-register.

How can I check if my e-warranty is valid?

If you want to check if your e-warranty is valid or expired you can use our website. It's very easy.

  1. Open our website and enter your IMEI number to the empty bracket in the middle of the screen. Go for captcha protection, and click on Check.
    You can also smoothly enter IMEI number into the below tab and click Check Sim-Lock Status:

    This IMEI number is invalid!

  2. Now you can see the whole specification of your phone if you want to check the e-warranty data just click on Info & Country Check.
    Click on Info&Country check
  3. Click again at Check Warranty & Country, and wait a moment until the full specification is provided.
    Check Oppo Waranty & Country
  4. There you go, here you can check e-warranty data and whether the e-warranty is valid.
    You can check

If you prefer to see all the steps in the video tutorial, then just take a look at the below.

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