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And here we’ve got the long-awaited, new and improved APPLE iPhones! It is obviously about iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. We've all thought about the amenities that lates APPLE products bring. It is not a secret now! We know what refinements they made for us! Fortunately, they meet the expectations of iOS fans. Let's see how we can help you get to know your new device better!

APPLE iPhone 11 You’ve definitely come along with loads of the reviews written or recorded by various reviewers from different professions and corners of the world. To summarize it briefly, it should be emphasized that along with the new iPhone, iOS fans have been given a better battery. We cannot say that is is the best on the market, yet if you want to stick with Apple, the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max offer decent battery life. Then, we’ve got six new iPhone color versions. This time we are provided with six colors, which are red, black, white, yellow, green and purple. The construction will be based on one piece of glass and one piece of aluminum. Finally, what for most of us is extremely important, and at the same time, it's incredibly visible - more extensive camera functions. The camera island is twice as large, so there is more space for another lens in both more expensive models – iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. You will meet there a wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, and an unprecedented ultra-wide angle lens. Moreover, Smart Frame feature, which will intelligently enlarge the frame so that nothing you want to photograph escapes. It is worth noting that the front camera finally receives 4K!

APPLE iPhone 11

Necessities to Use APPLE Checkers

Actually, all you need to prepare in order to come along with plenty of amazingly useful information regarding your smart device it some browser, either on your Mac, other PC or even in your Smartphone, and device's IMEI Numer. If this shortcut tells you nothing, then come along with IMEI Number Description in general, and find out how to locate it in your APPLE Device by the video tutorial or written instruction. Once you find IMEI Number, then smoothly visit IMEI.Info website, enter this number and extend your knowledge about your beloved iOS buddy.

iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max Checkers

With a lil help from IMEI.Info website, you can check plenty of truly useful and interesting details regarding your current or future iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. All you need to have is the IMEI number to then the platform will perform APPLE IMEI Check automatically.

  • General Information Checker

General information regarding your smartphone, like Device type, design, release date, SIM card size, SDM, HSDPA, LTE, Weight, Battery, OS, RAM Memory, Built-in memory and so on. All you have to do, is open IMEI.Info website, enter your devices IMEI Number to the empty bracket in the middle of the screen and that’s it/ there you will be able to see all the mentioned above details.

  • Warranty Check

Warranty Check is another great feature that can be used on this website. Make sure that you are aware of your Warranty Status, its start and end day. It one of the most useful and extremely helpful features anytime you have some issues with the device or once you want to check if the seller gives you the trustful information.

  • Color Check

Color Check will help you in confirming if the second-hand cover is the original one, as you will find there the manufacturer info. Moreover, it can be truly useful before the visit to the shop, as choosing the color may be a truly big dilemma.

  • Carrier & Lock Status & FMI

Carrier & Lock Status & FMI is one of the most common checkers, mainly because of theFind My iPhone Status Checker. Amazingly useful tool before buying a used APPLE iPhone. The feature designed to prevent anyone else from using your iPhone (FMI) will give you 100 percent confident about the status of your potential device – if it’s been stolen, lost or if it comes from the hands of the original owner.

  • Simlock Status Check

Simlock Status Check truly important feature will help you to track if your APPLE iPhone is locked. Thanks to Simlock, a given carrier can be sure that the device will not work with another operator's card, which makes such information extremely valuable. For no one wants to spend a fortune on the phone, which cannot be activated with the existing SIM card.

  • Carrier Check

Carrier Check shows the carrier in which the particular iPhone is currently used, the network in which it was originally purchased and the origin country of the device. Easily open the IMEI.Info website and fill in the IMEI of your iPhone and follow the steps on the screen.

How to Use IMEI Checks?

If you are interested in using any from the checks presented above, take a look at the video tutorial which will show you how such operation should be performed.

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