How to check if an iPhone is locked or unlocked?

Is it possible to check it?

Before buying your used iPhone, it's a good habit to check if it's locked or unlocked. This article gives you the answer to ''How do I know if my phone is locked or unlocked?'' and you will find out how to check it by using your IMEI number.

There are several reasons you might have a locked or unlocked iPhone, which we’ll go over in detail below. Firstly, we cover what it means when an iPhone is unlocked, then I’ll show you how to verify it.

  • Enter IMEI number in the field below and click Check Sim-Lock Status:

    This IMEI number is invalid!


What does ''Unlocked iPhone'' mean?

Okay, so in simple words, ''unlocked iPhone'' means a device iPhone locked which is not associated with any particular carrier and can, therefore, connect to any carrier. When you buy a phone on a payment plan or a contract, the phone is locked to the carrier to prevent you from skipping out on the bill and selling the phone. If you tried to activate it on another carrier, it wouldn’t work. An iPhone's that have been directly bought from Apple are unlocked. But if you bought the iPhone through a carrier under the contract, the phone will be blocked until the contract is over. 

Why you should buy an unlocked phone?

There is some important reason why you should choose an unlocked phone:

  • First, these phones let you jump between carriers quickly. 
    Are you willing to change your carrier for the best deal? With an unlocked phone, you are beholden to no one.
  • Unlocked phones get more upgrades and are more secure.
    Carriers tend to delay updates to Android software, even security-critical updates. Although you'll still be at the mercy of your phone's manufacturer, buying your phone unlocked gives you the best chance of getting the latest updates.
  • Unlocked phones remain valuable longer.
    If you plan to exchange or resell your old phone for cash, unlocked phones usually retain their value better.

How to check if an iPhone is unlocked by using IMEI?

It's very easy to check whether your device is locked or unlocked. All that you need is your IMEI number. If you don't know what is it or how to get it, just read this article.
When you have your IMEI number just open an website and follow the steps:

  1. Firstly enter your IMEI number to the empty bracket and click check:
    IMEI number
  2. Or just enter IMEI number in the field below and click Check Sim-Lock Status:

    This IMEI number is invalid!

  3. Now you can see the whole specification of your phone, then click Sim-Lock Status.
    Sim Lock
  4. After that click at Make an order and wait 5-10 minutes.
    Make an order

  5. Sample check results:
    Simlock results
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