The Carriers Database is now available!

The specifications of all mobile network operators from all over the world are from now on available on  This database contains information about wireless service providers, wireless carriersand cellular companies. By using our service you can be sure that your device will work in a different carrier in another country. Is your device compatible with different mobile networks? Use the bands information in order to stay connected all over the world.

The Carriers Database - Mobile Operator Specifications

In our database, we provide the information about more than 600 mobile networks from over 200 countries. Our pages contain the information about:

  • Country- you may read here such data as Country Name, Country Code, Country ISO
  • Carrier website- the official website of the mobile network operator. You can use that link to read more about the carrier.
  • Bands- here you can check out all bands provided by the operator. The mobile network specification contains such bands as GSM, UMTS, LTE, CDMA.
  • Protocols- the information about all protocols used by the carrier. You may get access to GSM, UMTS, LTE and CDMA protocols.

How to use carriers database

  1. Open the Carriers Databasesection.
  2. Find your desired carrier. You can search the mobile network by using the operator name, country or carrier code.
  3. Afterwards, let’s open the page with your operator. Here you can check all details information.

How to check if your phone will be working in different carrier

  1. The most important info is the bands used in the desired mobile network. Check out the GSM (2G), UMTS (3G) andLTE (4G) bands.
  2. Then let’s use out Phone Database and read the bands supported by your device.  You may also get access to device specification by entering your IMEI Number on our Home Page.
  3. At the end you have compared the bands from your carrier with the bands from your device. If those data will match your device will be unlocked and ready to use in the mobile operator roaming service.

Use our About Us Page in order to give your feedback, send suggestions or report an error.

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