Best Google Chrome tricks you should know.

Best Google Chrome tricks you should know.

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If you're a fan of Google Chrome, we've got some handy tricks for you that you probably didn't know about. Google Chrome is at the Top3 of the most popular and downloaded web browsers. No wonder, its clean interface, and extensions make it even easier for us to use the pages viewed. Like any other Google Chrome  browser, it has a few hidden features up its sleeve that you probably don't have the slightest idea about. So, get to know the best Google Chrome tricks.



Google Chrome is undoubtedly a browser that has appealed to many users. As we mentioned before, its clear interface allows you to quickly move between pages and easily use all possible amenities. Google Chrome, just like other web browsers, will perform its functions as best as possible. You probably did not pay attention to the little details Chrome can provide us. The browser has hidden functions that you probably did not know about. In this guide, we will try to choose the best and most useful tricks that will allow you to use Google Chrome even better. So let's get started!

1. Pin tabs on the browser bar

If you intend to use a site or service frequently in a single web session, you can "pin" a tab in Chrome, which will shrink the window to the size of the favicon, leaving more room for multitasking. It also prevents you from losing tabs on the side of your screen when you have many open at once.

To do this, right-click on the tab you want to pin and press Pin Tab. To enlarge a tab, right-click and hit Pin Tab again to deselect this option.


2. Chrome as a Calculator

Have you ever been in the middle of a search and needed a calculator? Don't leave your seat to catch it! Instead, type a math query in the address space and Chrome will give you an immediate answer. There is no need to press the 'Enter' key as Chrome is designed to calculate math problems when typing numbers. Use the Chrome Smart Calculator and let it compare offers, shop, and do difficult calculations without wasting time searching for a calculator that unfortunately can get lost under a pile of papers!

Enter any action in the address bar and the calculator will calculate it for you. You can add, subtract, multiply or calculate percentages from further numbers, etc. No more searching for a calculator! 


3. Manually Update Autofill

Here's a cool trick Chrome, which people may not know, and that has to do with Chrome Autofill The auto-complete feature in Chrome is pretty good. This saves you the hassle of re-entering addresses and card details. What if you started to use another card or you moved to a new location? Do not worry, Chrome allows you to manually update the autofill data.


Just go to Chrome Settings and click Autofill in the sidebar. Here are three options; Passwords, payment options, and addresses. Click the one you want to manually manage.


Now click the Add button and add the card details you want to add.


The last step is to enter your card details and save by clicking the Save button.



4. Written numbers

Enter any string of numbers into Google with = English or English and Google will print the number for you.


5. Find the definition of any word

Another useful feature is a quick search for the definition of a word you choose. All you have to do is enter the definition of in the search engine and choose the word that interests you, e.g. definition of a friend.


6. Search for emails directly from the Omnibox.

Omnibox Chrome is quite powerful and can do many things, including general Google searches, simple math operations, site-specific searches, and more. However, did you know that you can directly search for emails using the Chrome Omnibox? Well, if you didn't know it, this point will be useful to you. You will need to configure it first for it to work. In order to be able to search for emails in the Chrome Omnibox, we will be using the custom search function.

At first, go to Search Engines and then Add a new one.


Enter a name (use Gmail, because of Gmail for creating search) in the first field and the second field in the shortcut. In the last field, you will need to add a custom URL for Gmail search, which is given below.


Now click the Add button to add this custom search. Whenever you want to search for e-mail, simply type a custom shortcut and press the tab key or the space bar. It will turn the Omnibox into a search box. Now, enter a search query and press Enter to see search results.
In the example below, we have entered Pinterest in the search bar and it will later take us to our Gmail.


As you can see, after the search, the Gmail account immediately searches for the phrase Pinterest.


7. Find a similar website

It is also very easy to find related sites on Google. You can type the word related before the name of a specific site to find a similar site. For example, related: will list sites that are similar or related to Amazon.
This trick is especially important if you are running an online business and want to know who your competitors are and what they are doing.


8. Google Space

You can use this trick to all Google floated as if it were in space. Click here and your Google will start flowing.

Google Space

9. Google Underwater

This trick will make the Google logo appear as if it is floating underwater. Click here to see the magic.

Google Underwater

10. Google Askew

You can also slightly tilt the screen by typing Askew in the search bar as shown in the figure below.


11. Do a Barrel Roll

Now it's time for a few tricks to make searching on Google a real pleasure. The first of these tricks is the Role of the Barrel.
Just type Do a Barrel Roll and wait a minute. The experience of your life awaits you as Google will act as a circular role for your screen.
You can also Click here


Do a Barrel Roll

12. Google Gravity

Google Gravity is a fun trick as it breaks the screen down into many different parts. You can even drag and drop these items anywhere on the screen for fun. Click here to play.

Google Gravity


13. Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout is one of the most popular video games of all time. Now you can play this game directly on Google for a break from typing and searching.
Just type Atari Breakout in Google Graphics and enjoy.

Atari Breakout


14. Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Chrome offers a lot of great keyboard shortcuts that can definitely speed things up. Here are the most useful:

Ctrl+1-9: With this shortcut, you can switch between the different tabs. Here, 1 is the first card and 9 is the last.
Ctrl+Shift+N: You can open Incognito mode with this shortcut.
Ctrl+Shift+T: Accidentally closed the tab? Press this keyboard shortcut to quickly reopen it. You can also press several times to restore a lot of cards.
Ctrl+Shift+Delete: This hotkey takes you to the "Clear Browsing Data" page where you can clear cookies, cache, history, and other Chrome data.
Ctrl+L: You can quickly move the cursor to the Omnibox using this shortcut.
Shift+Esc: Want to check for clogged memory cards? Press this shortcut to open the Chrome task manager.
Ctrl+W: You can quickly close a tab by using the keyboard shortcut.
Ctrl+N: By using this shortcut you can quickly open a new Chrome window.
Ctrl+T: This keyboard shortcut lets you open a new tab.

Note: You can use these commands on a Mac by replacing the Ctrl key with the "Command" key and the Alt key with the "Option" key.

Ready to try these cool Chrome tricks

Well, those were the best Google Chrome tricks that are still fairly unfamiliar to users. Try them out and let us know how you like them. Also, if you know of any other cool Chrome trick we missed, do let us know in the comments section below.


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