Is Android Antivirus Needed?


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Is antivirus on your Android phone really necessary? Will such a program really provide us with online security? Or is it just a waste of valuable smartphone or tablet resources? Let's check it out!

Viruses on Android are by no means as widespread as you believe in the media, and your device is more vulnerable to theft than a virus. But it's true: viruses on Android exist, and a decent anti-virus application can provide peace of mind.

Characteristics of viruses on AndroidAndroid

Viruses "on" computers are more complex than malicious applications for mobile devices, but the former are definitely detected by anti-viruses. "Mobile" viruses are not malware threats, but de facto, ordinary applications that are "packed" with different permissions - but it is nothing more than an installed file that is relatively easy to get rid of. Usually these are not complicated threats that could be found on the system (files or in the kernel).
The risk increases exponentially if you install applications outside the Google Play store, so running an anti-virus application on Android is one way to ensure your safety. The worst thing you can do is assume that you are protected by an anti-virus application and lose your alertness. Suppose your Android phone or tablet is working strangely, and you have reason to believe that the malware is working: factory reset is all you need to restore it to normal (one of the reasons you should always back up your Android ).

Is it worth installing antivirus on devices supported by Android?

Definitely more votes are for "no". However, it all depends on how we use the smartphone or tablet. Against the uploading of antivirus software to mobile devices will also be those who claim that there is currently no "greater chance" for a virus to paralyze the operation of Android, and the antivirus will only unnecessarily burden and thus slow down the operation of the device.
This is somewhat true, but let us remind you again that the goal of most malicious applications created for Android is not the system or device itself, but confidential user information. Therefore, many people, even at the "price" of slightly slower device operation, decide to install the anti-virus. Efficacy tests performed by research teams have shown that the sensitivity of "mobile" anti-viruses to cyberattacks is highly unsatisfactory. 

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Will anti-virus software developers invest more resources overtime to develop these programs?

Time will tell. If we think that even the smallest additional security makes sense - we will certainly install the anti-virus on Android. Others will bet only on their own caution, not wanting to reduce the performance of the equipment.

A condition for effective anti-virus protection for Android devices is to carefully watch the applications in terms of the permissions they require during installation.

If there are too many of them (especially with an uncomplicated application), let's finish the process of installing such a program as soon as possible. In this context, we also pay attention to the Administrator's rights. If we share too much data, then remote control over the mobile device may occur.

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