How to Fix AirPods Charging Issue?

Fix Charging Issue

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How to fix charging on AirPods? How to fix AirPods charging issue? If you are looking for answers to these questions about the charging problem with your wireless AirPods, you've come to the right place! Today we will show you how to solve the charging problem. All you have to do is read this guide carefully and follow the tips described in the next part of the guide. So don't wait any longer and troubleshoot your AirPods charging in no time.


No matter if you have the original AirPods, AirPods 2, AirPods 3, or AirPods Pro, all of them can sometimes experience issues with charging. This is specifically where one AirPod will not charge in the charging case.
It's a common issue that's not only annoying but can effectively put a halt to your day. It's usually easy to fix the problem at home without having to contact Apple or send the AirPods back. First, you should try the tips below before you take any other action.

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1. Check the charging case battery

If one AirPod finishes charging, the culprit is very often the Charging Case, which is causing the problem. The most common reason is that if its charge is lower than 10%, the case will not be able to charge both AirPods at one time.

If you want to check the battery level of your Charging Case, first you need to put your AirPods inside the case and keep the lid closed. As soon as you bring the case closer to the iPhone, open the cover and you will see the battery level. You will notice an AirPods card appear on your iPhone's screen, showing the battery level of both the Charging Case and the AirPods.

The Battery widget can also be accessed from your iPhone's Today View by swiping right on your Lock screen or on the first screen of apps on your Home screen.

If the battery level of the Charging Case is sufficient, but one AirPod still won't charge (i.e. it doesn't have a "lightning bolt" icon next to it), skip to the next step in this article.

Now that you know how to power the Charging Case using a Lightning cable, you will know how to fix your problem. This is because it was caused by the low battery in the case. Due to its long battery life, it's easy to forget to plug in the charging case. Therefore, make sure to charge it every day or every other day, even if it's just for 15 minutes. If you do that, you'll never run out of battery for your AirPods.


2. Reinsert the AirPod

If you find that the AirPod won't power up with plenty of battery being in the Charging Case, it is possible that the earpiece is sitting incorrectly within the case. This is because it is not in proper contact with the charger port. You can remove any accessories, such as foam ear tips, and then try reinserting the AirPods, and see if the charging icon appears next to them when you bring the AirPods close to your ‌iPhone‌.

When the AirPods continue to not charge, it could be that the contacts or the AirPod stem, as well as the Charging Case, are dirty. These need to be cleaned. For more information, please refer to the cleaning instructions below.  

3. Clean the AirPod and Charging Case

Perhaps the most common reason an AirPod stops charging is that the charging contacts are dirty and have grime on the AirPod stem, inside the Charging Case, or both. This prevents the electrical charge from passing through sufficiently, but you can clean things up using the method outlined below.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Microfiber or lint-free cloth
  • Toothbrush, cotton swab, or Q-tip
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol

AirPods should be wiped down with a dry, lint-free cloth, focusing on the silver contacts.

Clean the internal contact points in each AirPod bay inside the charging case with a periodontal brush or similar tool. You can take a Q-tip and moisten it with water, or spray some isopropyl alcohol on it (DO NOT spray water or alcohol directly on the case) and then clean with a dry cloth.
As a general rule, if you use your AirPods daily, you should clean them every week to maintain proper contact between the AirPods and the Charging Case.

4. Reset AirPods

The original AirPods, AirPods 2, AirPods 3, and AirPods Pro all have a reset button that takes them back to factory settings. You can use this if you're having problems with them, like the AirPods not charging.

Here's how to reset AirPods:

  1. Put your AirPods in their case and close the lid.
  2. Wait 30 seconds, then open the lid.
  3. On your iOS device, go to Settings -> Bluetooth and tap the circled "i" icon next to your AirPods.
  4. Tap Forget This Device and tap again to confirm.
  5. When the AirPods case lid is open, press and hold the button on the back for about 15 seconds until the status light flashes amber. If you're charging your AirPods case over wires, the status light is inside the case between the AirPods. If you have ‌AirPods Pro‌ or your AirPods. case charges wirelessly, the status light is on the front of the case.
  6. Connect your AirPods to your device by holding the case lid open and following the steps on your device's screen.

    That's all. It is critical to note that after the AirPods have been reset they will not recognize any of the devices you have linked to your iCloud account automatically. It is very similar to the first time you used AirPods, just like opening the AirPods case near an iOS device will initiate the setup process. 

    If you want to find more helpful video tutorials about your AirPods just click >> HERE <<

5. Email Apple Support

If none of the suggestions above were able to fix the issue of one AirPod not charging, it would be prudent for you to contact Apple Support, as their team will be able to determine whether your AirPod or Charging Case needs to be repaired or replaced.


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