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iOS 15 vs iOS 14: 어느 것이 더 낫습니까?

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iPhone에 어떤 운영 체제가 더 나은지 궁금하신가요? 그렇다면 이 가이드는 당신을 위한 것입니다. iOS 14 대 iOS 15? 어느 것이 더 낫습니까? iOS 14와 iOS 15의 차이점은 무엇입니까? iOS 15로 업데이트할 가치가 있습니까? 전체 안내서를 읽으면 이러한 질문과 기타 질문에 대한 답을 찾을 수 있습니다. 우리는 이 두 iOS 버전 사이에 존재하는 가장 큰 차이점과 차이점을 설명하려고 노력할 것입니다. 콘텐츠를 주의 깊게 연구하고 iPhone에 적합한 시스템을 결정하십시오.


In June 2021, Apple announced the latest version of iOS. What new features can we expect and How to update iPhone from iOS 14 to iOS 15? During the recent events WWDC Apple iOS withdrew cover 15, the latest version of its iPhone operating system. In this article we will look at new features that you get the full version will be available in the fall, and compare them with the iOS software 14, which it replaces.  

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1. Date & Release iOS 15

The main features of iOS 15 were unveiled at WWDC in June, as is every year a new version of the system is released. However, the full update will not be available for download until the fall, possibly in September 2021, when the new iPhone 13 will be released.
If you are already excited to see what it looks like, consider signing up for the Apple Beta Program, which gives you early access to new software releases while they are still in development.

 Note: However, that due to the nature of beta software (ie. Unfinished), you may encounter problems when errors will be corrected.

2. Which iPhones can run iOS 15 on? 

Before you decide to upgrade to the new software version, check if your device is really compatible.
We can find out on Apple's official website that iOS 15 will work with an iPhone 6s or later, meaning all iPhones that currently support iOS 14 - plus possibly the new iPhone 13 models - will be able to upgrade to the new version in September 2021.

The list of compatible iPhone's:

List of iPads with iPados 15 Support:

If u want to see full list of all Apple devices click on the button below.

Click here



3. Design & Interface 

Apple made some key improvements to the iPhone interface with iOS 14, including we can see personalized widgets, an app library, and further reduce Siri to a tiny globe rather than taking the entire screen when you want to ask him a question.In the new iOS 15 system, practically nothing new will appear that would surprise Apple owners. The company has instead focused more on the new features of its core apps, including seeing changes to FaceTime, Apple Music, Photos, Maps, and Safari, among others.

4. New Features 

Most of the improvements that will come to iOS 15 are actually updating many of Apple's own apps. Of course, we'll also see some new features that work in many applications, including Shared With You and Focus, which should make life a lot easier when the new version arrives before the end of this year. We will briefly describe what you can expect from iOS 15.

iOS 15
  • New Focus Mode

An entirely new feature to start our list with is Focus. This makes it possible to reduce the dispersion that accompany the possession of a supercomputer in your pocket. These can range from simple, universal Do Not Disturb modes, as well as custom ones like Personal which cuts out all work-related messages and emails at certain times of the day. The same applies if you have an intense focus on the task at work, home or elsewhere and do not want social media such Facebook, Twitter, Instagram distract you.

You can configure the Focus Mode in a number of ways, which display specific widgets on the home screen when the mode is in use. This allows you to create a different look and access the tools you need, no matter what you are doing.
The focus feature works on your iPhone and other Apple devices, communicating with Messages, FaceTime, and other apps to give you a place to rest.


  • Notifications

Another element that will change is Notifications. Firstly, there are now photos of contacts for the people who send you messages and the app icons have been enlarged so you can easily locate and tell where the notification is coming from.
Additionally, the change we can expect in iOS 15 will be to sort notifications by different priorities, which means you will get all sent from people first, but apps you don't use often will be paused and presented in your notification summary when you have more time. to take care of them.

You'll also be able to quickly mute app alerts or message threads for an hour so you won't be disturbed.

  • Spotlight

Live Text is another feature that introduces Apple in iOS 15 that gives your iPhone intelligent capabilities to recognize text, numbers, or objects in images and then transform them into useful elements. While the largest application of this feature is available in the Camera application, as we will see below, one useful addition is that you can search for terms in the Spotlight and uses technology to find what you are looking for.

14v15 iOS
  • FaceTime

During the COVID era, apps like Zoom took the lead in videoconferencing apps, it was only a matter of time before Apple enhanced FaceTime to make it more appealing to users.

One way of immediate improvement is that now you can chat with friends across Android devices and Windows. Thanks to the online version of FaceTime can use links sent to them to gain access to the portal and participate in meetings or video calls. They are still protected by end-to-end encryption so your privacy is assured.

Also introduced planning, so you can invite people to talk well in advance, making it easy to arrange a meeting or a family gathering.

We can also expect improved audio in FaceTime calls by introducing new surround sound, which means people's voices come from where they are on the screen, which will be especially useful thanks to the new grid layout for FaceTime group calls. Thanks to the new modes, you can also get rid of unwanted background noise from the microphone.

Portrait mode is a new feature that allows you to blur the background of your surroundings, which is perfect if you don't manage to clean up before an important meeting.

  • Share Play

While FaceTime calls can now share songs from Apple's music or watch movies and TV shows, so that everyone can see and hear the content. This function also includes screen sharing, making FaceTime is now a suitable rival for Zoom or Microsoft Teams, because you can host presentations, and not only standard video chats available for iOS 14.

  • Messages  

Another area that will see improvements over the previous version of iOS 14 is Text Messaging. The new Shared With You feature means that when someone sends you links to music, web articles, podcasts, or photos from a shared trip, they will automatically be saved in a new Shared With You section that will appear in Apple Music, Podcasts, Photos, Safari and Apple News. whichever is most appropriate.
With the new improved feature, you won't have to bother searching for links that someone sent you. Instead, open Apple Music, look in the Shared With You folder, and the path will be there along with a note pointing to who sent it.
Under the new iOS focus mode, you can also turn on the Do Not Disturb setting for messages that shows everyone who says to you that you are not available at this time.

  • Live Text & Visual Search

In the new iOS 15, new tools are available when you open the Camera app. Live Text is a new variety that allows you to capture and interact with any text or numbers in a frame. For example, if you are in a public place and want to use the free Wi-Fi, all you need to do is point your camera lens at a sign with a password and Live Text will copy the text so you can paste it instead of typing it by hand.
You can also use another feature called Visual Look Up. With it, you can scan real images and get more information about them. These can be works of art, landmarks and much more.

Safari Browser
  • Safari Browser

Safari receives some key enhancements, which are perhaps the most useful feature that will make it worth upgrading to iOS 15.

Now you will have minimized the tab bar, which is located at the bottom of the screen and allows you to quickly move between open tabs. Additionally, it's worth mentioning here and pointing out that you will now be creating groups of cards, which is great. These are, as the name suggests, groups of tabs that are placed in a folder so you can easily access them later. This means that you do not need to have many tabs open when something currently viewing in your browser. Put them all in a group of cards and you can come back to them at any time. In addition to the iPhone itself, the function also works on macOS and iPadOS, so it's worth remembering and taking into account.

  • New Detailed Maps

Didn't like the current maps on your Apple device? Maps have undergone a makeover with the new version of iOS 15! In the new version of the system, you'll see more detailed road layouts, colorful buildings and even lane markings. There will also be a feature where you can scan buildings in the area if you get lost, and Maps will let you know where you are and guide you to your destination.

You'll even be able to observe that some areas will contain additional information about transit services, and you'll also be able to see daylight or moonlight maps depending on the time of day.

  • Memories Function

Apple also decided to update the Memories feature, which will allow you to group photos and videos from different events into short videos.
Apple Music will also undergo a small change bringing the whole thing to life. You can also edit videos, add or remove items, and change the music and colors as you like.

  • Other functions:

iOS 15 also provides new ones such as:

  1. Improvement of weather maps
  2. Support for ID cards in Wallet
  3. Privacy updates
  4. Siri is now running locally and not on Apple's servers
  5. iCloud + for secure chat, one-time email that is transferred to your primary account, so you don't need to register online
  6. Notes to help you find and group notes
  7. Advanced Find My tools
  • Summary

As you can see, the new features that will appear in iOS 15 are actually an improvement over the existing ones. Of course, you can stay with the current version of iOS 14, if none of the features are as needed and you feel comfortable with them. However, if you often use Safari, Map or you want to check how Live Text will work, we undoubtedly encourage you to update your system. Decide for yourself which version suits you best. However, remember to make a backup before you decide to do so. You can take advantage of the iOS 15 Beta version that has now been released to Apple users.

If you want to know How to update an Apple device to version 15, click the link below.



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