IMSI generator

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IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) is a unique identification associated with all GSM, UMTS and LTE network SIM cards. It is stored as a 64 bit field and is sent by the phone to the network. IMSI is stored on the SIM card and the register HLR[2]. The IMSI is used in any mobile network that interconnects with other networks. This number is provisioned in the phone directly or in the R-UIM card.

An IMSI is usually presented as a 15 digit long number, but can be shorter. For example MTN South Africa's old IMSIs that are still being used in the market are shown as 14 digits.

IMSI consists of three parts:

  • MCC - Mobile Country Code, first 3 digits. MCC uniquely identifies the mobile subscriber's home country.
  • MNC - Mobile Network Code, 2 digits (European standard) or 3 digits (North American standard). The length of the MNC depends on the value of the MCC.
  • MSIN - the remaining digits are the Mobile Subscription Identification Number (MSIN) within the network's customer base.

Operators codes are available on our website. (Operator code consists of two parts: Mobile Network Code (MNC) and Mobile Country Code (MCC).)

Attention! Our IMSI generator is used only to activation universal cards for iPhone/iPad! IMSI are not correct.