PEARL XWi8 Touchlet 8.0" Hard Reset

When You Have To Factory Reset Your PEARL XWi8 Touchlet 8.0" ?

  • You wanna Erase All Data From Phone
  • Forgotten Security Screen Lock Code
  • Forgotten Security Password
  • Forgotten Pattern Lock
  • Forgotten User Code
  • Forgotten Phone Lock
  • If Your Phone Seems Frozen Due To Any Cases.
  • If Your Phone works much slower, than when it was new
Hard Reset PEARL XWi8 Touchlet 8.0"

Are your looking for a way to make your PEARL XWi8 Touchlet 8.0" work faster? Do you wish to clear all of the data on your PEARL XWi8 Touchlet 8.0" before selling it to someone else? Would you like to system work faster? Well what you need is the factory reset.

What is it? Factory reset (aka hard reset) is an operation which deletes all data (including settings, applications, calendars, pictures etc) on your PEARL XWi8 Touchlet 8.0" and brings back the default settings which makes your device as if it came right from the manufacturer in 2014 year.

When do you need to perform such operation? When you need your PEARL XWi8 Touchlet 8.0" to work faster, when there are some difficulties in the performance of the operating system or when you just want to get rid of everithing that has been stored in your PEARL XWi8 Touchlet 8.0" . The PEARL XWi8 Touchlet 8.0" was powered by Intel Atom with 1330.0 MHZ and 4 cores chipset and after a while it's good idea to perform the hard reset in order to speed up device. The efficient processor and 1000.0 MB of RAM provide enormous performance after returning them to factory state. After the restoring the Li-Polymer 4000.0 battery should work longer. What's all important you will have the whole 32000.0 MB storage available.

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