Info Checker

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The app allows you to check the full device info in just a few steps. The Info Checker will help to get your Andoird device better.

Why should you want to use our app?

The answer is pretty easy. By using our app you will get access to all specification and detailed information about your device in one place. You don’t have to look for the desired Settings section because in our application you will find all possible information about your phone or tablet. What’s more important we prepare some more specific and detailed information which you cannot find in the About device section.

You can download our app right here:

In conclusion in Info Checker app you have access to the basic information regarding hardware and software of your device. Everything in one place, the quickest and the easiest way to know your device better.

In order to make using our app more convenient we categorized everything in logical sections. From now on you can navigate in Info Checker App in the most comfortably way. We divided the device information into the following main categories:

  • General - It concludes the most important and primary information about device hardware such as manufacturer, model, serial number, Android ID, IMEI, serial number,  country of origin and so much more.
  • CPU - You can find here the detailed specification about CPU architecture for example CPU Type, clock speed or number of cores.
  • OS - If you are interesting in operating system details you should open this tab. You can read here Android version, SDK, code name, Build ID, kernel, or bootloader type.
  • CONNECTION - This category contains the local IP, MAC address and Bluetooth address.
  • MEMORY - Everything about device memory in one place. So you may find here Total RAM, Available RAM, Used RAM, Internal storage and Available storage.
  • BATTERY - You may find in this tab such things as Battery status, Battery level, Battery technology and battery voltage.
  • HARDWARE - This section presents the most useful information about the hardware. So you can find here board, camera info, accelerometer, magnetic sensor, proximity sensor brightness and much more.