Huawei Warranty & Carrier Checker

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What information you can get and how to use the service

The "Huawei Warranty Check" service is designed for all Huawei phones and allows you to check the warranty period for your model. Verification is based on IMEI number and is completely free.

Huawei Warranty & Carrier Checker

To use the "Huawei Warranty Check" service, go to the main site, enter your IMEI number and click CHECK. When the basic model data is displayed, click on "Warranty + SN".

Huawei Warranty & Carrier Checker

Checking with this service gives us a lot of useful information. In addition to the warranty period, we will also get a serial number for the device that is required to unlock the bootloader on Huawei phones. Huawei Warranty & Carrier Checker also generates information about the network from which the phone originated (this is important information if we want to remove the silmock from the phone).

Below is a complete list of information generated during the check:

  • SN:
  • Product Model:
  • Customer Name:
  • Signing Country:
  • Latest Delivery Place:
  • Delivery Date:
  • Warranty Models:
  • Warranty Expire:
  • Warranty Status:

Huawei Warranty & Carrier Checker

Checking may be very helpful if you want to buy a used phone or check the originality of the phone.

If you want to know how to check IMEI on Huawei watch this video.

A new version of Huawei Checker is now available, see the latest version.

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