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If you need more information about your iPhone, you came to the right place. The reports from iPhone Carrier Check is especially useful when you are buying a second-hand APPLE device. Such a purchase is always associated with a certain risk. Unscrupulous sellers, fakes and hidden additional costs are just a few of the problems we may encounter during the whole process. Although the risk of a failed purchase cannot be completely eliminated, there are several ways to minimize it. With our tutorials and iPhone Carrier Checker, you can make sure that your future phone will be free of network lock and clean iCloud status. You can also check if the Apple additional info about the version of the device and the necessary info to unlock the iPhone.

By using our Apple checkers you may read the following information:

  • Carrier
  • Country
  • Lock Status
  • Warranty
  • etc...

​​In order to get that information you need only the IMEI number and wait about 30 seconds. This is the best service on the market to get more details about Apple devices. If you would like to UNLOCK your phone, you need to know the carrier which locks your device. Our services are designed especially for you. We give here all the necessary information.

iPhone Simlock Status

One of the most crucial information about your iPhone is the simlock status. After performing iPhone Carrier Check you will be sure that your Apple device is free of the network lock or you will struggle with the procedure of removing the simlock. Unlocking the iPhone by a person who is not the original owner is possible, but it can be really expensive and time-consuming. For Apple devices, there aren’t any unlock codes and the unlocking process can be performed by Apple servers only.
Fortunately, you can find out all of the necessary information from Carrier Lock Status checker available on All you need to have is the IMEI Number of your device and after a few seconds you will get the full report with simlock data. So it’s definitely worth to find out if the device you would like to buy has the clean simlock status.

iPhone carrier check
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iPhone Carrier Check

The iPhone can be unlocked based on the IMEI Number, the carrier in which it is currently used (the network in which it was originally purchased) and the origin Country of the device. Once more, you can get access to that information by using the Carrier Lock status. Let’s open the and fill in the IMEI of your Apple device and follow the steps on the screen.
After that, you will be able to find professional service to unlock simlock protection and you can freely change the network provider. What’s worth mentioning is that the simlock unlock is done permanently, so after the software update, for the new iOS, the simlock will not come back, the iPhone will still be unlocked.

Find My iPhone Status

Another important info about iPhones and iPads is the status of Apple security protection. Here we can distinguish the Find My iPhone status and the iCloud lock. The Find My iPhone feature is part of the iCloud account service ( the account is used to synchronize information between Apple devices). When you turn on the Find My iPhone service on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, your Apple ID will be safely stored on Apple servers and associated with your device. From now on, your password will be required to turn on / off the Find My iPhone service, erase the device or reactivate and use it again
After activating the Find my iPhone you can increase the chances of finding missing device. And if you lose your device or it will be stolen, the activation block will protect your personal data and it will prevent unauthorized people from using the device.

If Find My iPhone has ON status it means that the activation block is on. If the activation block is on, the status will also appear iCloud status:
Clean - the phone was not reported by the owner as lost iCloud status:
Lost or stolen - The iPhone has been reported on the Apple servers as lost or stolen.

You can find the iCloud status lock information by using the Find My iPhone iCloud Status. It's a free checking service available on

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Check iPhone Version

Do you know that our iPhone Carrer Checker gives you a possibility to check a lot of additional information about your device? By using the iPhone Checker you will get access to the information about your device such as Serial Number, Model, Color and also Memory Size. This is truly important information to check for example before the buying the device from the second hand because you can double check if the information, which gives you the seller is the same as our system is holding. After this checking, you can avoid fake models and untrusted sellers. Let's make sure that the version of your Apple device is the correct one.

The iPhone Check Report goes beyond the above information. By using our service will get also information about Purchase Date, Activation Status, Warranty Status, Telephone Technical Support, Repairs and Service Coverage, Valid Purchase Date, AppleCare Eligible, Registered, Replaced and Loaner.

All you need to know about Carrier Lock Status

The iPhone Carrier Check can be the most important thing to do before selling or buying the new Apple devices. That's why we prepare the list of frequently asked question. Read the below information in order to clear up any inconsistencies. You will see that the iPhone Carrier Checker can be a pace of cake for all users. So use the IMEI Number of your iPhone and find out the hidden information.



Why do I need more information about my iPhone?

  • You have to know your CARRIER if you want to UNLOCK your iPhone
  • If you are not sure if your phone is LOCKED or not - here you will get comfirmation about simlock status
  • In addition there is also FIND MY IPHONE status available - you will make sure that your iPhone is ICLOUD locked or not
  • You will also get additional informations such as serial number, model, color and memory size

What do I need to check the network lock information and Find My iPhone Status?

The whole beauty of checker is that you need only the IMEI number of your device. So let's find out this identification of your device and get the hidden info. You watch the below video to check out how to find the IMEI Number.

How do i know my iPhone is unlocked?

If your iPhone is not locked you will get result "Locked Carrier: Unlocked" and "Simlock: Unlocked" in your report. All possible results samples you can check below.

What is Find my iPhone and why do i need to know its status?

Find my iPhone is an additional security feature possible to use in Apple devices. It is also called iCloud and it protects your iPhone against unauthorized use. It is very important to know the status of Find my iPhone when you are buying second-hand phone. If it is ON and you don't know login and password - you will not be able to use this iPhone!

How can I check my iPhone Operator and Simlock details?

You just need IMEI number of the phone. Ask seller to give you such number or generate yourself - he can generate it in the phone by typing *#06#. Then you can order carrier check at our webiste. How to do it:

Receiving the result is taking 1-10 minutes. In rare cases up to 24 hours. Results samples below*:

*Warining: The result format may sometimes differ from the samples below.

Results samples:

Locked iPhone checking result sample:

Model: iPhone XS 256GB Gold Cellular [A2097] [iPhone11,1]
IMEI: 357211093682997
IMEI2: 357211093546804
Serial Number: DNPX8ABZKPG6
Purchase Date: 2018-10-15
Activation Status: Not Activated
Warranty Status: Apple Limited Warranty
Telephone Technical Support: N/A
Repairs and Service Coverage: N/A
Valid Purchase Date: N/A
AppleCare Eligible: No
Registered: No
Replaced: No
Loaner: No
Find My iPhone: OFF
Locked Carrier: UK TMobile Orange
SIMLock Status: Locked

Unlocked iPhone checking result sample:

Model: iPhone XR 64GB Coral Cellular [A1984] [iPhone11,8]
IMEI: 357336099987593
IMEI2: 357336099940535
Serial Number: G0NXTJNAKXKT
Purchase Date: 2019-01-09
Activation Status: Not Activated
Warranty Status: Apple Limited Warranty
Telephone Technical Support: N/A
Repairs and Service Coverage: N/A
Valid Purchase Date: N/A
AppleCare Eligible: No
Registered: No
Replaced: No
Loaner: No
Find My iPhone: OFF
Carrier: Unlock
SIMLock Status: Unlocked

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Why choose IMEI.INFO?

  • We are at market for many years = a lot of experiences and satisfied customers
  • You will get your carrier and simlock info fast - usually it is ready in a few hours (up to 48h in some cases)
  • The carrier report will give you all needed information about your IMEI - it is simple and easy to understand
  • If your phone is locked you will get information about carrier and country - it is necessary information if you want to unlock your iPhone
  • If you are a seller that will be usefull information for your clients
  • If you are a buyer - you will be able to check your future iPhone
  • If you have any questions we are always here for you. Feel free to contact us