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Check your iPhone original carrier, simlock status and Find my iPhone

You need more info about your iPhone?
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  • Simlock Status: Locked or Unlocked
  • Original CARRIER and COUNTRY - If locked
  • Find my iPhone status: ON or OFF
  • Serial number, model, color, memory size


All those informations you will get in just one report!
Read more about operator check below and then order your Apple iPhone checking report.
  • Your device more informationWhy do i need more information about my iPhone?
  1. You have to know your CARRIER if you want to UNLOCK your iPhone
  2. If you are not sure if your phone is LOCKED or not - here you will get comfirmation about simlock status
  3. In addition there is also FIND MY IPHONE status available - you will make sure that your iPhone is ICLOUD locked or not
  4. You will also get additional informations such as serial number, model, color and memory size
  • How do i know my iPhone is unlocked?

If your iPhone is not locked you will get result "Locked Carrier: Unlocked" and "Simlock: Unlocked" in your report. All possible results samples you can check below.

  • What is Find my iPhone and why do i need to know its status?

Find my iPhone is an additional security feature possible to use in Apple devices. It is also called iCloud and it protects your iPhone against unauthorized use. It is very important to know the status of Find my iPhone when you are buying second-hand phone. If it is ON and you don't know login and password - you will not be able to use this iPhone!

  • How can I check my iPhone Operator and Simlock details?

You just need IMEI number of the phone. Ask seller to give you such number or generate yourself - he can generate it in the phone by typing *#06#. Then you can order carrier check at our webiste. How to do it:

iPhone 8 Carrier Checker

     3 quick steps:

  1. Go to Homepage

  2. Enter Phone imei and click "Check"

  3. Click "Network&Simlock"


Receiving the result is taking 1-48 hours. Results samples below*:

*Warining: The result format may sometimes differ from the samples below.

  • Results samples below:

Locked iPhone result sample (AT&T USA locked):                         Unlocked iPhone result sample:

Locked iPhone sample result                   Unlocked iPhone sample result


Why choose IMEI.INFO?

  • We are at market for many years  = a lot of experiences and satisfied customers
  • You will get your carrier and simlock info fast - usually it is ready in a few hours (up to 48h in some cases)
  • The carrier report will give you all needed information about your IMEI - it is simple and easy to understand
  • If your phone is locked you will get information about carrier and country - it is necessary information if you want to unlock your iPhone
  • If you are a seller that will be usefull information for your clients
  • If you are a buyer - you will be able to check your future iPhone
  • If you have any questions we are always here for you. Feel free to contact us


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