Phone Blacklist Check Example

Invalid IMEI

Phone Blacklist Check Example

Explanatory Notes to your report.

Unique certificate ID: This is the unique id of the report. This can be validated via CheckMEND by putting the number
into the site at the URL supplied. This is the number to supply if you are selling goods on eBay, Craig's list or anywhere
else online as it means the buyer can view the certificate easily.
Report created on: The Date the check was done.
Your search criteria were: This shows the information you entered in the search boxes.
Manufacturer information: In a lot of cases we are able to validate the manufacturer and model of the item FROM the
serial number you enter. This means that you can be assured that the serial number is genuine and has not been
altered or tampered with since manufacture. If we do not have this information we do not display anything on the report.
In some rare instances we may show a type of device completely unlike the item checked. For example, you may check
a bike and we suggest that serial may be for a TV. This is because we know the formats of many serials and if the
format chosen by your bike manufacturer should happen to match then, in the absence of a better match we may
suggest the wrong item. The validating nature of this lookup is of greatest use when applied to items of the same type.
For example, if your serial for your Nokia phone results in us telling you it's for a Sony phone then you should ask more
questions about the phone you have in your hand.
Ever blocked: This relates only to mobile phones using the GSM networks. If we have been told that a GSM network or
networks worldwide have EVER blocked a phone from working on their network it will be shown here. If a phone has
been blocked during its lifetime, this may affect your decision as to whether you wish to purchase it.
Currently blocked: This shows the current blocked status of a GSM phone worldwide. If we know a phone is currently
blocked anywhere in the world it will be shown here. This is important because you want to know if a phone may stop
working as soon as you take it abroad. Being blocked may also impact on the price you are willing to pay for the phone.
Phones shown in the "Ever Blocked" category but not "Currently Blocked" MAY still be blocked on some networks as the
networks are not compelled to unblock them depending on the reason for the unblock. Any phone that has been blocked
historically should be carefully checked for proper functioning.
Lost: If we have a record of an item with the serial number you entered being reported lost, it will be noted here.
Stolen: If we have a record of an item with the serial number you entered being reported as stolen, it will be noted here.
Insurance claims: If we have a record of an item with the serial number you entered being subject to an insurance
claim, it will show here. This is important as this may lead to an ownership dispute between the seller and the insurance
Possible counterfeit: If we have intelligence information which leads us to believe the serial number you have entered
is used in counterfeit goods it will show here.
Possible clone: If we have intelligence information which leads us to believe the serial number you have entered is
used in cloned goods it will show here.
Previous use: If we have information that this item has had previous use we will indicate it here. This is important as
many items sold as new are in fact returns which have been repackaged and this may be relevant to you when buying
an item.
Recycled: If an item is shown as recycled it means that it has passed through the hands of a recycler or a refurbisher
and is not a new product.
Contract status: A green result indicates that CheckMEND does not have any record indicating that this handset is still
under contract with a network or a record that indicates the handset has been sold as a Pay As You Go phone. An
amber result indicates that we believe it has been under contract and may still be at the time of checking. If buying the
phone we would encourage you to ask the seller to confirm that it is out of contract.
Finance status: If we have a record of an item with the serial number you entered still within the period of a finance
agreement, it will be noted here.
Warranty: The green tick indicates that we have no information about any repairs made to this item under warranty.


Here is the list of carriers that provide us GSM data: 

Acision 	Netherlands
AS EMT 	Estonia
BASE NV/SA 	Belgium
Belgacom Mobile 	Belgium
Belgacom Test Account 	Belgium
Bouygues Telecom 	France
Bridgewater Systems 	Canada
BSNL 	India
Cable & Wireless UK Ltd. 	United Kingdom
Celtel Kenya Ltd. 	Kenya
Corporacion Digitel C.A. 	Venezuela
Cyprus Telecommunications Auth 	Cyprus
DNA Oy 	Finland
Elisa Corporation 	Finland
Etisalat - Emirates Telecommunications Corporation 	United Arab Emirates
Free Mobile 	France
Ghana Telecommunications Ltd 	Ghana
H3G 	Italy
Hi3G Access AB 	Sweden
Hutchison 3G Ireland limited 	Ireland
Hutchison 3G UK Ltd 	United Kingdom
ICE Costa Rica 	Costa Rica
ICE Costa Rica Test 	Costa Rica
IMEI DB Helpdesk 	India
Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd, Mumbai 	India
Meteor Mobile Telecommunications Limited 	Ireland
Meteor TEST ACCOUNT 	Ireland
Millicom Ghana Limited 	Ghana
Mobistar S.A. 	Belgium
Movistar Chile 	Chile
MTN Ghana 	Ghana
MTU Nett AS 	Norway
NetCom AS 	Norway
O2 (UK) Limited 	United Kingdom
O2 Ireland 	Ireland
Orange Communications SA 	Switzerland
Orange France 	France
Orange PCS Ltd 	United Kingdom
Pannon GSM Telecommunications 	Hungary
Recipero Ltd 	United Kingdom
Rogers Wireless Inc. 	Canada
Saudi Telecom Company (STC) 	Saudi Arabia
Sonera Mobile Networks Limited 	Finland
Sonofon 	Denmark
Swisscom Mobile Ltd 	Switzerland
T-Mobile (UK) Limited 	United Kingdom
T-Mobile USA, Inc 	United States
TDC Mobil A/S 	Denmark
Tele 2 AB 	Sweden
Telecom Italia Mobile 	Italy
Telecomunicaciones Movilnet C.A. 	Venezuela
Telefonica Moviles España 	Spain
Telefonica O2 Czech Republic, a.s. 	Czech Republic
Telenor Mobile 	Norway
Telenor Sverige AB 	Sweden
Telia A/S Denmark 	Denmark
TeliaSonera Mobile Networks AB 	Sweden
Test Account "A" 	United Kingdom
Test Account "N" 	Sweden
Tusmobil d.o.o 	Slovenia
Uralsvyazinform 	Russian Federation
Vodacom Group Pvt Ltd. 	South Africa
Vodafone D2 GmbH 	Germany
Vodafone Egypt Telecommunications S.A.E 	Egypt
Vodafone Espana S.A. 	Spain
Vodafone Hungary Ltd. 	Hungary
Vodafone Ireland Ltd 	Ireland
VODAFONE Ltd 	United Kingdom
Vodafone Malta Limited 	Malta
Vodafone Netherlands 	Netherlands
Vodafone Omnitel N.V. 	Italy
Vodafone Portugal 	Portugal
Vodafone-Panafon 	Greece
Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA 	Italy
Zain Telecommunications Ghana Ltd. 	Ghana