Frequently Asked Questions

What is IMEI?

IMEI - International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique number to identify GSM, WCDMA, and iDEN mobile phones, as well as some satellite phones...[read more]

What is MEID?

MEID - Mobile Equipment Identifier is a globally unique 56 bits number identifying a physical piece of CDMA mobile station equipment...[read more]

What is ESN?

ESN - Electronic Serial Number is a unique 32-bits identification number embedded by manufacturers in wireless phones...[read more

What is UDiD?

Every iPhone, iPod, iPad & ATV has a 40 character long Unique Identifier (UDiD) made up of numbers and letters that are specific to that one device...[read more]

What is ICCID?

ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) - A SIM card contains its unique serial number (ICCID). ICCIDs are stored in the SIM cards and are also engraved or printed on the SIM card body during a process called personalisation...[read more]

What is Phone Blacklist?

Phone Blacklist - a list of blocked IMEI numbers generated by the operators.. [read more]

What is Simlock?

Simlock - security software in cell phones set up by the manufacturer to request the operator...[read more]

How do I add a phone to the Blacklist?

If your phone was lost or stolen and you want to report it on the black list you should contact the operator...[read more]

How to find my operator APN settings?

Your operator APN settings you can find here in the table... [read more]

How to find lock status in my iPhone checking result?

Click here to check where you can find it...[read more]


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