iPhone Network & Simlock & Find My Iphone Check

iPhone & iPad Unlock Check allows to check which carrier your iPhone is SIM locked to and warranty status. Information comes directly from Apple database and is needed when you want to order unlock service. Checking time is ~5min*.

1. Go to main page and enter your iPhone IMEI number. You will see result like this:

2. Click in Check Zone "Network & simlock" below the phone's photo.

3. After few minutes you will get following details:

  • IMEI
  • Part Description
  • Product Version
  • Warranty period
  • Carrier your device is locked to
  • SIM lock status
  • Find My iPhone Status


Sample check results for the locked iPhone


Sample check results for the unlocked iPhone

  * - Checking time mostly is ~5 min but in some cases it can take 5min - 24hours

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